About the Wildlife


Who am I?

My name is Meredith Mullooly, I’m the ‘grown-up’ girl in the photo above, taken by my wonderful friend Britt Spring.  I’m married, have two kids, a dog, and a cat.  My siblings are my best friends. I love God.  I love to paint, take photographs, travel, drink wine and eat Thai food.  I have a bad habit of staying up late watching crime drama.

Growing up my Dad took so many beautiful, fun photographs of our family. My favourites are the ones where the house was a little messy, my hair was unbrushed and my woolen jumper was tucked into my shorts. Maybe that’s why my idea of family photographs is a little bit wild. I don’t love things posed and perfect, that’s not what family life is like.

For many years I photographed weddings and I got to see how different families interact and engage with each other. The intense emotions that spill out on a wedding day lead to powerful memories and images. When my own children came along I fell in love with documenting the daily emotions of living as a family.

How many times have you thought – I wish I could record every word my child says and every funny facial expression. Our kids grow and change so quickly and along the way, there are precious moments. For me to share a day in the life of a family is such a privilege. I want to document all the ups and downs so you’ll always have a record of those moments.  I believe that every family should have beautiful and authentic photographs!

Staged Family photos make me cringe

When you book family photographs you shouldn’t have to wear matching outfits or force out a cheesy grin. You only need to be yourself !

That’s why I started the Wildlife.